Where I’ve Been

25 Jan

In the blog, you’ll note that my record of employment has not been perhaps as buttery smooth as I’d like it to be. Its unpleasant lumpiness has been even moreso since this past July, when my employer at the time offered me a deal. You see, they wanted me to teach the same four or five classes and work the same sixty hour weeks that I’d been working, but without the marginal incentives of salary pay and benefits. So, using the politesse of corporate language, I told them to go fuck themselves.

Recently (I’m reluctant to say when for reasons I’m reluctant to tell you), I got a very unexpected offer to do proposal and grant writing on a freelance basis for a very big company, the happy (for me) consequence of their original writer having to bow out because of a heart attack scare.

I know.

So I’ve been doing that. It’s not the work I’d dreamed of doing, but it is the first time I’ve ever been paid for writing, and I’ve never been one to look a checkbook in the mouth.

However. Things there are starting to slack off (sort of), and I should be back soon. Like, tomorrow. Afternoon or evening.


Unless I wreck my car or something.


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